Man Utd boss Ferguson hits out at Ronaldo interviewer

Ronaldo, interviewed by Geoff Shreeves on Sky, said: “Of course I felt the contact. He kicked me.

“Maybe people don’t like me because I’m too good.”

Ferguson told MUTV: “It’s a clear penalty kick.

“I don’t know what they’re going on about. If it had been any other player they wouldn’t have bothered. I think it’s because it was Ronaldo, it’s a shame that. It’s putting a stigma on the boy which is not deserved.

“And I saw the interview he had and he was magnificent. It was a poor interview, a disgraceful interview. Just stretching it out, hoping the boy trips himself up.

“He (Sky interviewer Geoff Shreeves) doesn’t understand how intelligent the boy is. It was a poor interview and I was disgusted with it. Sky should have a good look at themselves.”

He added: “He’s a great player, a fantastic player, phenomenal.

“We’ve had some great players at this club and I’ve been proud to say in my 20 years we’ve had fantastic players. He’s up there with the best of them, without question.”