Man Utd boss gave Evans ‘gentle advice’

Fergie was disappointed with his defenders in the first-half against AC Milan on Tuesday night.

“I was just giving him a bit of gentle advice,” Ferguson said in the Daily Mail.

“Our whole back four were going to get it, but he’s unfortunate he was the nearest defender to me.

“They had to compose themselves, that was the most important thing. After that, they settled and got very composed and got back to their normal game.

“The result was very different because of that.”

“The one thing that’s so amazing is that for the first 15 minutes I felt in shock, really in shock, because the atmosphere was unbelievable,” he explained.

“Coupled with the noise when they scored, it unnerved me and it unnerved my players.

“No matter how much experience you have got, you get drawn into that cauldron of noise, and to get through that really did take a lot of courage.”