Man Utd midfielder Carrick: Winning the league was what we wanted to do

    Carrick said: “When I’m on my summer holidays, the strongest memory of this season will be lifting that league trophy.

    “There’s no better feeling. It proves how good a team we are and how far we’ve come.

    “Winning the league was what we wanted to do. You want to win a final once you’re in it – but the league is such a big thing.”

    He added on the FA Cup final: “It’s hard, it’s not a nice feeling at all losing so late like we did.

    “We thought we were the better team and created the most chances.

    “It’s hard to swallow. It was a quiet dressing room, we are very disappointed at this stage.

    “But I think in the next few days – if we look at the big picture – we can be very happy at the way the season has gone and the progress we have made.

    “We can shake off the disappointment and we can look forward to next season with confidence. We’ve won the league, we’ve proved we were the best team over a long period of time – and we were the better team in this final.

    “No one remembers the runners-up but we know how good we are.

    “We’re looking forward to progressing again next season and achieving more of what we have this year.

    “The league doesn’t lie and we won the league.

    “It is a tremendous achievement for this team – and we are only going to get stronger. Cups are a one-off and we’ve lost the final.

    “But when you look at what we’ve achieved all season – including getting to the Champions League semi-final – it’s been a good campaign.”