Man Utd No2 Queiroz hits back at Scolari

He said: “So when Scolari goes to Benfica’s stadium, it’s because he’s vying for the coach’s job?. I didn’t realise I had to ask his permission (to attend matches).

“It seems he loves to hate Portuguese coaches. First it was Jose (Mourinho), then Agostinho (Oliveira, the former Portugal under-21 coach) and now it’s my turn to get an earful.

“We didn’t pull him (Ronaldo) out of the international squad. What Scolari said I said – one thing to him and another to the Manchester United fans – is false. I didn’t even talk to him. At United we have relations with 14 national teams and the only coach with whom we don’t speak is him.

“Scolari acts like those who ask to borrow a car, new and full of petrol, and leave it with dents before abandoning it without even phoning to say where they left it.”