Man Utd star Ronaldo: Sir Alex shakes me and he shouts at me

The 22-year-old winger said: “Sometimes he shakes me and he shouts at me.

“It’s normal. He’s like my mother or my father, he gives me limits and targets. But he is fair.

“At half-time during games, he has shouted at me a few times, but always to improve me. People say he’s mellowed, but he can still get angry – believe me!

“But the work I have done with Sir Alex has been very helpful. I speak almost every day with him. He knows how to create a good atmosphere.

“Before every game the manager tells me ‘Cristiano, enjoy yourself, use your skills’. I listen to that. I like dribbling – it’s my style.

“But I have never taken the mickey out of my opponents. I respect them.

“At the highest level, if you don’t respect your opponents, you won’t get a touch. Every dribble asks for a lot of concentration, it’s very demanding, against anyone.”