Man Utd’s Neville: Agents should be banned

He told Sky Sports News: “I’d like to see the removal of agents from the game – make players not so reliant on them. We’ve got the PFA – and they want to give, not take.”

He said, when asked if he could name any good agents: “I don’t know many. There is a concern for me, and it always has been.

“Our guy can go in [to a deal] and expect to be giving hundreds of thousands or, in this day and age, even millions [to an agent] – and that money is going out of the game.

“The clubs should keep that money – or, if they’re earning it, the players.”

He added: “It won’t change until players become more responsible for their actions.

“They think they need them – but it’s not the case.

“They need good advice and good accountants – but they don’t need people taking hundreds of thousands off them.”