Man Utd’s Scholes: Fergie won’t retire anytime soon

Scholes said: “Who knows how long he will go on.

“He is not looking any older and he still enjoys coming out on the training ground every day. He loves it, even in the freezing cold, so I think he will be around for a while yet.

“The thing is, you can’t imagine life at United without him. One day it will happen, we are all aware of that, and when it does it will be a great shame because of what he has achieved here. When a new manager takes over, there will certainly be a big void to fill.

“But, as I say, I don’t believe that day will come soon because he is still desperate to win trophies, whether it is the cup or league. Nothing has changed in that sense.”

He added: “When I first met him I was frightened, frightened to death actually. I still am.

“When you are a kid you hear about the fiery side of him and when you meet him that is all you think about.

“He has definitely mellowed since those early days but if he is not happy about something, he will still let you know. I have not had a ‘hair dryer’ for a while, but that means there is probably one just around the corner.”