Man Utd’s Scholes: I can play better

He told “[Shrugs] It’s been all right. I know I can play better. I’d like to be scoring a few more goals and making a few more as well. Hopefully in the important last few months of the season I can contribute a bit more.

“Well, I just think I’ve played better in the past. I think I’m capable of getting to that level again and I believe I can still do better than I have done this season.

“I haven’t knowingly changed my game. I probably don’t get forward as much as I used to. When you go forward it’s a long way back, so I probably try and stay where I am a bit more! Maybe I’ve calmed down a bit in going forward, but I still try to keep all the elements of my game, passing the ball and trying to make and score goals. That’s always what I’ve tried to do.”