May: Man Utd’s Vidic better than Terry

May told the Manchester Evening News: “Nemanja has had some bad luck in front of goal with efforts hitting the post, bar, being hacked off the line.

“He could be in double figures by now, he has been knocking on the door so many times.

“He is certainly capable of getting double figures regularly for United in seasons to come.

“Like Brucey he is not afraid to put his head in where it hurts. He’s very aggressive attacking balls in the air, as well as on the ground.

“He’s got a fantastic leap on him and a determination to get his head on to something no matter what’s happening around him. He is focused solely on going for that ball.

“In terms of bravery he is top of the list for me. As a defender it is great for United because that kind of player is a bit of a throwback and strikers don’t fancy going up against such courage.

“In attacking terms defenders aren’t that used to his kind in the box these days. Even they might have a few second thoughts when Vidic is around and a ball is coming into the box. I think some are scared of him possibly.

“John Terry has given Chelsea that edge in recent seasons. He might not always have scored but he can upset and panic the opposition and create opportunities off that for his team-mates. He also attacks the ball so well.

“Obviously as a defender he has been vital for Chelsea in their title wins but I think as a danger and a potential scorer in the box he has been very important as well.

“We have seen in recent weeks the kind of hole Terry has left in Jose Mourinho’s side both defensively and in an attacking sense.

“United haven’t had that kind of threat for years since Brucey left. There have been some good defenders like Jaap Stam and Rio Ferdinand but they didn’t provide that danger at set-pieces in the opposition penalty area.

“As an all-round player I think Vidic is better than Terry. Nemanja is faster and I think now if he was out of United’s side than he’d leave a similar hole, if not bigger.

“If it were not for the fabulous form of Ronaldo and Paul Scholes this season then I think Nemanja Vidic would be United’s player of the year.”