McLeish still looking to buy

Matt Derbyshire, Ben Foster and Nikola Zigic have all moved to St.Andrews this summer however the Scot would like a few more players to complete his squad.

“I’m trying to get the squad up to 25,” he said. “We are working towards it for before the window closes. We still plan to bring a player or two in.

“We’re making enquiries about certain situations and we’ve also had a big list of players, one or two that we’ve lost out on and one or two that we’ve decided to pass on and it’ll keep going for a while.

“From last season’s team photo I think there’s 10 who have left the club so it’s a case of filling the squad up and making sure it’s not just numbers but the quality of people to augment the squad.

“I can’t guarantee that everything will be in place but if it’s not then that’s a challenge for the players at the club to show that they can do what they did last year.”