Megson backs Sir Alex

Fergie blasted referee Alan Wiley’s fitness, but has later apologised for the remarks.

But the referee’s union claims Fergie’s apology was half-hearted.

“Fergie couldn’t have done any more. He gets hung out to dry because of who he is. He has apologised and then everyone criticises the apology,” the Trotters’ gaffer told The Manchester Evening News.

“Alan Leighton seems to have a bee in his bonnet about the apology. I have seen him quoted as saying it was half-hearted. But you’re dammed if you don’t apologise and dammed if you do.

“If you don’t apologise, you get slaughtered. If you do apologise, it’s judged as half-hearted.

“What’s he supposed to do? He’s said something and then having had time to think about it, he’s said `sorry.’ End of story – move on.”