Middlesbrough coach hails youngster Taylor

Cooper told the Evening Gazette: “Tayls is a much better player than I was at the same age.

“Turning the clock back 18 months, I can remember when he had the opportunity to go on loan to Bradford.

“Andrew was only 18 at the time but he told that he wanted to be playing in a team where the supporters needed to see players trying to get points for their club.

“I sensed then that there was something different about him.

“He wasn’t being disrespectful to our reserve team, but he felt he could achieve more for himself by going to Bradford and was looking forward to the opportunity.”

Cooper added: “Tayls went to Bradford and did himself a lot of favours.

“Eventually he came back here, at a time when the previous regime had not been too sure about him, and he was put in the team and more or less stayed there.

“We have seen what Andrew has achieved and that’s why the people who believe in him have tied him down to a good contract.

“What he has achieved has taken him on to the next level. He’s calm, relaxed and he’s mature.

“He’s proved that you don’t have to be 24 or 25 if you have got the attitude to play in the Premiership.

“As long as he wants to keep on learning and progressing then he can be a winner.”