Mourinho could face legal action

Mourinho said: “It’s one of the worst I saw in football because the goalkeeper is sliding on the wet pitch and has the ball in his hands, so the ball is not even half-and-half – it is completely safe in his hands.

“Then this boy goes to him with the knee in front and he knows what he’s doing. And when he saw what he did, he was laughing.

“For me it was a very, very bad situation.

“Maybe the boy is only professional for a year, maybe was an amateur and has no sense of responsibility. I don’t know.

“Maybe he didn’t sleep before the game and was too excited about playing against Chelsea. The FA is there to do something and I will be curious waiting for the decision.”

Players’ Union chief Gordon Taylor says that Stephen Hunt could take legal action over the allegations from the former Porto coach.

Taylor told the Mirror: “That course of action is open to any individual if someone has made those comments.”