Mourinho praises Villa boss O’Neill

The match ended in a 1-1 draw.

Mourinho said: “Martin O’Neill is a good coach and a good motivator.

“When players have managers with spirit, like us, and with this kind of character, they fight more, they are more motivated and they have more self-belief.

“They fought hard but they had a lot of luck. A lot of, lot of luck.

“I think they have to go home and realise they were very, very lucky to get a point.

“Maybe we didn’t deserve to take all the points because we had 15 chances and only scored once.

“When you play well and don’t get results you are not frustrated. You just accept it. But when you play so well, like we did, and produce a game of high quality with so many chances, everybody knows you deserve to win.

“In this game, one team wanted to win and one team wanted a point.

“I don’t blame Villa. They came here to play their game and when they went one-down they had a reaction.

“In the second half, they could not have done any more. They could not stop us.

“Martin and I are not similar characters. Everyone has passion but it’s the way you express it. During 90 minutes I can show my passion for 10 minutes. But Martin does it for 90 minutes.

“He shouts at everything and he complains about everything. We are different.

“I don’t know how he works during the week but this kind of team can be lucky because they are motivated.

“Sometimes it is funny to look at him. He complains at everything but he is like that all the time. He cannot change.

“You have to accept him like he is and respect the way he behaves.”