New Liverpool owner Gillett: I will talk to the fans

Gillett said: “I want to earn the respect of the fans. My message to them is to give us a few years and we’ll see where it takes us. Give us a little time and we are going to have some fun together.

“When I go to Anfield I’m going to be on the streets in front of the stadium talking to fans. When I’m at the ice hockey if I see an empty seat during the interval I go and sit there to talk to the fans, and I will do the same here.

“When I arrived in Liverpool I picked up a paper and there were four or five letters to the editor about us from people who don’t even know us. I’ve asked my people to get numbers for those fans and I will ring them personally.”

He added: “This is not a takeover like the Glazer deal at Manchester United. There is no debt involved, and we believe that as custodians of this wonderful club, we have a duty of care to the tradition and legacies of Liverpool.”