Newcastle are not too good to be relegated – Anderson

Anderson said: “There’s an old cliche that you are too good to go down, but you are never too good to go down.

“You have seen it happen to teams before. Once you get into a rut of losing games, it’s very, very difficult to get out of it. It is very difficult to pick yourselves up and get out of it.

“I know Joe Kinnear is in short-term, but they need the whole situation sorting out quickly and the players then know exactly what they are doing, who they are working for and who they are playing for, because at this moment in time, they haven’t got a clue.

“It’s unbelievable for the players. People say it doesn’t get to players, but it does.

“Everything that’s gone on at this football club has got to everybody, and it is bound to have got to the players.

“The club is just a mess, it is a total mess at the moment, and the sooner it’s sold and sorted out, the better it is going to be for everybody.”