No Chelsea regrets for Gerrard

Gerrard was close to joining Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in 2005, but later turned his back on a move and signed a new deal with Liverpool.

“The reason the whole Chelsea thing came up was down to frustration that we were so far away from the title race,” Gerrard told the Daily Telegraph.

“That’s why their interest maybe turned my head slightly. But I look back now and I’m really pleased I decided to stay because I am part of a top team here that can be successful.

“It would mean an awful lot more to be successful at Liverpool than it would at any other club.

“Don’t get me wrong, I might have won more medals somewhere else but if I was to win the league here, along with a few more cups, that would mean a lot more than winning seven or eight trophies somewhere else. I can share it with my family, with the Liverpool supporters because I’ve been one of them all my life.”