O’Neill delighted with Carew’s response

Carew scored in the clash with Wigan on Sunday, after being fined for a night club visit before the Uefa Cup clash with Ajax.

“I have a perfectly good relationship with John Carew,” said O’Neill. “I don’t think I would be guest of honour if any of the players were asking people to go out and eat with them.

“But I have absolutely no problem with John. He stepped out of line, I dealt with it. It’s over. There is not a problem. My relationship with John, I should imagine, wouldn’t really change.

“I’ve been fined as a player myself and it didn’t really change things. You might sulk for a day or two – or in my case for a month or two! But there is not a problem with John.

“If you talk about the way John reacted, he came on as a sub at Wigan and within 12 minutes had made a goal and scored one – not a bad way to resolve the situation, so I am really pleased.

“The crowd reaction to him was also very positive. It was great. Whether we would all have had a different reaction to everything had Wigan turned us over, who knows.”