Orbaiz pledges future to Athletic Bilbao

The midfielder has signed a new deal that will keep him at the Basque club until 2012.

“For me it was important to stay here, because I have spent 10 years in Bilbao and I would like to finish here,” Orbaiz told Marca.

“The club made me an offer that was good for me and we came to an agreement. There weren’t any negotiations, no hard bargaining.

“It was very important that the club treated me like this. I want to be here, my family are happy and the money wasn’t important.

“Two years [extension] gives me peace of mind to play, and I understand that the club can’t offer me more because I’m of an age where there are factors to consider.

“It’s fine that they want to go little by little. My intention is to show that I can be here for many years, but I have to go slowly.”