Palermo chief hits back

Della Valle blasted Palermo chief Maurizio Zamparini earlier today, for demanding a five-game ban for Gilardino’s handball.

Gilardino scored with his hand in the 3-1 win over Palermo at the weekend and was handed a two-match ban. The Viola appealed the ban but the suspension was upheld.

“The Viola were wrong for the way they used the newspapers and I wouldn’t have behaved like them,” Zamparini told

“I can say that I would have reprimanded one of my players if he had behaved like Gilardino.

“I’m disappointed with Della Valle’s position because I think I gave a fair and balanced view of the incident and I said that Fiorentina deserved to beat us.

“The goal didn’t change the outcome of the game but it annoys me to hear this talk of a penalty on Gilardino before he used his hand because that doesn’t exist.”