PL chief not keen on salary cap

Platini wants clubs to be forced to limit their spending on wages to around 50 to 60 per cent of their turnover.

“We’ve looked at this for 10 years,” Scudamore told Sportsweek.

“We keep looking at it and the practicalities of it and if you say 60 per cent or 50 per cent can be capped on wages, what it really does is absolutely lock in the natural order.

“I know Manchester United sit on top of our league today but they would be sitting on top of our league just about forever if you decided on that.

“It would help the big clubs far more than the small clubs. So if you have a small club who have got a benefactor, or who have got other ways of raising money or ways of funding, at least it gives them a chance to compete.

“The problem with a percentage-based salary cap is it would really, absolutely, lock in a far more natural order than we’ve got now.”

“I can’t really ever see it happening.”