Platini hits out at big-spenders City

Platini has branded City’s 150million euros bid for AC Milan star Kaka as ‘ridiculous’.

Platini said: “How can a guy cost 150million euros? For me it’s ridiculous — from a football, social and financial point of view.

“If you want to buy a plane for 150m euros or a boat, you can do.

“But for a man? For me it’s bad. It’s not possible. But it’s why we have to do something.

“I’m finding a system where you can spend what you have. If one Sheikh brings 150million euros for Kaka then you have to put his salary on top of the transfer fee.

“If the club go over their income with the player’s salary plus fee, they can be banned from our competitions because they don’t respect their budget.

“It’s about a licensing system where clubs spend within their income.

“Clubs who are banned will be replaced by those further down the table of that country who meet the criteria. It’s not to disturb football but to protect it. Many owners have asked me to find a system. I have to do that as president of UEFA.”

He added: “That means Manchester City can have all the young players of Manchester.

“They can work and come to the training centre of City and become Kaka. And they don’t need to buy him for 150million because they have their own school.”