Portsmouth youth chief: We can produce top kids

Hart said: “We’ve got to stamp our authority on this area and get kids coming to this football club. We have to make sure we get the best kids. There’s reason to believe the kids are out there. And I come with the enthusiasm and belief that we can produce them.

“The new training ground is essential to our plans. It’s going to be unbelievable – second-to-none. These days, top-class facilities are vital. Young players are aware of what other clubs have got. If you have not got the facilities, it’s another challenge.

“Hopefully we will be in our new training ground pretty soon. But the work starts now. It’s going to be an exciting club to be at. We want to produce players capable of playing in the Premier League. Players come to us with talent, and then we nurture that.

“But it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s an awful lot of work to do and we’re embarking on that pilgrimage. Hopefully we will see some results in the next couple of years. Then, over the next three to four years, very good results.”