Poyet: Spurs were right to sack us

Ramos was replaced by Harry Redknapp, who have managed to get Spurs back on track after their worst start to a season in their history.

Poyet told the Sun: “Being honest and looking at the results, it was the right decision to sack Juande and me.

“When you change the manager after 10 games or so, you’re not looking to change the style.

“What you’re looking for are different results, a reaction, a change. Simple — and it happened. So full credit to Harry.

“It’s not nice when you get the sack. But I’m realistic at the same time — when things aren’t going well you can’t hide. Those are the rules in football and you must accept them.

“We had an absolutely fantastic pre-season. But we couldn’t get any points in our first couple of games so the situation changed completely — especially for the new players.

“All of a sudden ‘boom’ you can’t get a result. I think the place got nervous. You have habits, methods and those sometimes don’t work.

“Even if you have the best training in the world you will ask questions if you are losing. You’ll say, ‘Is this the best way? Shall we do this, shall we do that?’

“You will ask too many questions. That’s why the club decided to bring in something fresh and different. And it worked.”

Poyet added: “Harry has had a huge impact psychologically but I don’t see anything in the tactics.

“To be fair to him, he hasn’t had enough time to put his ideas across. It’s been little by little but the impact has been big.”

He added: “We were not winning and now they’re not losing. It’s not like we were OK and winning some and losing some. No, no. Before we couldn’t win and now they don’t lose.

“So I imagine it’s very easy for the players to talk about what happened before and after.

“But I ask them to be honest with themselves. I played for very good teams and we had good and bad moments. But I was the same person on the pitch.

“I didn’t change my name and I didn’t change my number. I was always the same no matter which manager was there.

“All we can really ask is to be respectful. I don’t like it when they talk about the difference between managers but I understand why.

“The Press are there and ask questions. But I would say to them you were there as well and were a part of it. They’re not different people now.

“They have to take responsibility for the problem. It’s not a case of ‘Juande did this before — now Harry does this and I play better’. That’s easy. Too simple. They can say ‘OK it didn’t work under Juande but I was responsible too’.”