Prandelli could quit Fiorentina

The Viola suffered an disappointing defeat to Ajax in the UEFA Cup midweek.

“At the end of the season I will evaluate my position and consider my future,” said Prandelli in a tense Press conference.

“I will not stand for this much criticism. I can accept them as long as I am given my three and a half years of compliments, too, but people in this city seem to forget those.

“I am not acting today. I shall not stand for such a self-destructive situation. In Italy there is a schizophrenic approach to football and it is psychologically crippling.

“Is it possible I could leave at the end of the season? I said a while ago that a club needs consistency, but if there are people who want to blow everything up here, then I won’t stand for it.

“A few months ago I said that in six or seven years this side could compete for the top honours. We are in our fourth year and have already achieved great things.

“We are held up as a positive example at both nation and international level.”