PSG chief Roche: It will be difficult

PSG was paired with Schalke 04, Manchester City, Racing Santander and FC Twente.

Alain Roche told Eurosport: “It will be difficult but it will be exciting. It is important to play big matches against teams with different styles. It will be hard but we are satisfied. We will be playing against the kind of teams associated with such a high level of European football.

“Everyone is feared because there are no small teams left in this stage of the competition. We see it in the Champions League.”

He added: “The objective? We will see how things develop in accordance to our position in the league. The UEFA Cup becomes important to us financially after the group stage but there are many matches and so the priority remains Ligue 1. But we fought to qualify ourselves so we will play thoroughly if we can. We will enjoy it because we have missed Europe for two years.”