PSV Eindhoven coach desperate to beat Ajax

PSV Eindhoven are currently five points ahead of Ajax on the Eredivisie table.

“We’re brimming with confidence and we’ll go into the match looking for a win,” Rutten was quoted as saying on the club’s official website.

“Relief may be too big a word, but we are certainly delighted with the victory and our performance after we eliminated Lille on Thursday. We’re happy to have progressed into the round of 16 and will face an attractive opponent.

“It’s just another game. We play at home and are looking forward to Sunday’s match – it should be a good atmosphere. Both teams have quality players, so individual skills may make a difference. We aim to widen the gap with Ajax and we’ll go into the match looking for a win.

“Our mission is clear: we’re determined to take all three points. That’s what we want and that’s what the home crowd demands. We’re brimming with confidence and have home advantage. Ajax, though, will also be eager to earn victory as well, but I don’t think they will only have attacking ideas.”