Rangers striker Prso: Boyd reminds me of Trezeguet

He told Rangers News: “I think, yes, I can help Kris. I want him to score as many goals as possible as it’s going to help the team as well.

“It is sad for him that he is injured, but he will come back stronger and he will be a big player for Rangers next year.

“He’s a top striker but he’s young and he’s going to learn. He has had a good chance of progression as he is still young and very talented.

“The ability to score goals is something that is inside him. In the box I think he is the top man in Scotland just now. He can score goals in that position. He is always hungry for the ball and he always wants to get a pass.

“He always has one eye on the opposition goal and all he wants to do is score. You must have that knowledge, it is not something you can learn.

“You need to have that instinct and that will to score goals. When I was at Monaco I played with David Trezeguet who was a little bit like Boydy.

“Trezeguet was also judged by whether he scored or not and if he didn’t score he was the worst player on the pitch. But he scored 20 goals in a season and that was his mark.

“Boydy is similar. You don’t often see him outside the box.

“But the most important thing and why he is there is to score goals and that is why he is a crucial player for us. You hear lots of people saying when you ask somebody to do more and more then maybe they will forget what they were supposed to be doing before. I think Boydy must continue to score his goals.

“Maybe he can be a bit more focused on helping the others but not too much.

“If he starts to do too much hard work outside the box then he won’t be concentrated on doing what he does best and that is scoring goals. You must always play to your strengths and Boydy’s are in the box. He is the top man in there.”