Real Madrid backs arch-rivals Atletico

Atletico have been handed a three-match stadium ban at their Vicente Calderon home from Uefa, due to crowd trouble during their match against Marseille.

Calderon told Marca: “It seems unfair to me.

“The police did not report to Atletico Madrid.

“Those that caused the problems were the Marseille fans.”

Real full-back Michel Salgado added: “You can’t punish an entire fan base for the racist behaviour of a few people in the crowd.

“I think they’ve been too drastic in their decision.

“There’s racism in every stadium due to a minority of the crowd. It has nothing to do with sport.

“This punishment sets a precedent.

“We’ll have to wait to see what UEFA does whenever this happens again; if every stadium has to be shut down because of this, many games will be played behind closed doors.”