Real Madrid boss Capello: Sevilla match will be tough

Capello said: “It will be a hard match. We have won games on the road and they have won at home. It will be tough for both sides. They are very dangerous at home.

“It’s always important when two top teams play Both have very talented players. There’s a lot riding on this match. It’s 50-50.”

He continued: “Barça get a lot of touches in, perhaps more than any other team in the world. Sevilla play more direct, straightforward football.

“Every game is different. They have very good players, as do Barça, but the two teams play very differently. We have to adjust our game. We always need to pressure the opponent’s defence and not let them play their game.”

He added:: “They (Sevilla) have been building a good team over the last few years and have adjusted to their needs. That’s why they are balanced. We can’t just assume they are good in the midfield. You don’t win without good players. We are all good coaches, but you don’t win without players.

“It’s not just how they use the wing. They have good players who know how to take advantage of them. You can use the wings if you have players with good break away speed and who can cross well. Sevilla are strong in that area. They are all good and can cross very well.”