Riise believes Roma can win the Scudetto

Roma had a weak start to the season, but are now fighting for the top spot of the Serie A.

“I think we can finish among the top eight in the Champions League, just as we have what it takes to win the Scudetto,” the Norwegian told La Roma magazine.

“The secret to achieving these things is simple: you have to work, work and work some more. Football is not complicated. In my view if you prepare as best you can and have an excellent squad like ours, then the results will come sooner or later.”

He continued: “Serie A is very difficult, as it’s more balanced than the other Leagues. In England, for example, football is all about physical strength and you can see the top clubs right away.

“In Italy there is a lot more technique and unpredictability. Every single Serie A match is difficult, in my view.

“This season the fight for the top is even fiercer than in previous years, when it was just Inter and Roma contending for the throne.

“I can see at least five of six teams that can target the Scudetto.”