Roeder hails Butt

Roeder said: “The performance at Arsenal was perhaps best epitomised by a block by Nicky Butt in the first half that was absolutely magnificent.

“If I was going to use video evidence to show young players how to come out and block a shot on the edge of their own area, that would be a great example.

“He has done ever so well for us. When you work with Nicky Butt every day, you realise very quickly why he played for Manchester United and why he won so many medals. He is in his 30s now but he never goes back in after the main training session, he always stays out there and does extra work. He’s a great example to our young players and to any young player. I think that our supporters are starting to see his value now, thankfully.”

He added: “If you had a squad of 20 Nicky Butts, life would be a lot easier. The bottom line is that he loves playing football and I think that he has always wanted to play for Newcastle. I wasn’t at the match where there were problems but having talked to the staff who were there, I think it was misunderstood.

“He holds us together, he links the back four and midfield together, he knows when to press and when to get tight and he gives whoever he is playing alongside licence to get forward.

“He is like an old warrior who has come out of the Alex Ferguson school.

“When you saw the Manchester United players in the England camp, you knew who their manager was because of the way they conducted themselves. They acted how you would want professionals to act. He has been there and done it and I’m absolutely delighted with him.”