Roma coach Spalletti: It all changed with the equaliser

Roma were 1-0 down against Bordeaux, but managed to hit back and win 1-3. Baptista scored two and Vucini scored once for Roma while Gourcuff scored the goal for the French side.

Spalletti said: “When a team wins, it is the best medicine to recreate a bit of enthusiasm. We need enthusiasm and consequently I am convinced that when things start going right, we will get into our stride.

“We were static in the first half, but once we got the equaliser it all changed and I was glad to see that reaction.

“This is more important than just the three points. We don’t have players who are battlers, as ours are more based on technique and quality. In general this sort of player needs the support of an atmosphere.

“Things were not going well for us recently and unless we can get that sense of calm, then we make a bad impression and can’t do even the simplest things.

“Vucinic’s goal totally changed the game. The lads felt they had a chance of making it and the enthusiasm welled up immediately.

“You could see psychologically they were transformed, felt free to pass the ball around and run into space. It was a decisive moment.”