Roma coach Spalletti: We’re back in business

The victory was Spalletti’s 100th on the Roma bench.

Spalletti said: “The key was we played with balance, strength, great character and above all an excellent goal! That’s what made the difference in the end.

“I don’t think we were afraid to win. Lazio reacted very well and started moving their forwards around very quickly, continually changing places, so it was tough to keep track of them.”

He continued: “I hope the worries are washed away and that the lads realise from this kind of performance that they are capable of so much more.

“Unfortunately when a concern burrows its way into your consciousness it feels like everything is going against you and becomes dangerous.

“We knew how much this derby meant to us and above all to our fans, so they transmitted their warmth and passion to us all week in training.”