Ronaldo: I returned as a changed player

Ronaldo told the News of the World: “I am learning all the time when to do my tricks and when to play it simple.

“The World Cup was an important lesson for me, I learned a lot in Germany.

“Now I try to do the right thing every match, sometimes giving the ball, sometimes not.

“I feel I am playing very well, possibly the best I have ever played.

“I am enjoying my football. I’m not 100 percent fit at the moment but I had a brief rest and feel I am flying.

“I feel confident and know my form is very good. Maybe I was not so good in the win over Copenhagen but I am playing well.”

Ronaldo continued: “I am glad I came back to Manchester after the World Cup, everything here is good and I am very happy.

“I want to play, this is my life, I love football and I want to play with a smile on my face.

“The supporters have been wonderful to me that is why I pump my heart to say to the fans they are here, inside me.

“I want to thank them in a clear way for all the support they gave me. It is a way to say I am Manchester heart and soul.

“The booing is a phenomenon that’s going to be to happen every time we play away but I’m calm.

“I concentrate hard in the game and the moment the whistling starts I try to just think about the game. Of course I hear it, I’m not deaf!”