Ronaldo: Man Utd perfect club for me

He told “I am pleased that everything is sorted now. I believe I am at the right club and I am really happy here. The big reason I wanted to stay is to win trophies and because I’m enjoying playing in this team. The spirit is amazing at this club and everyone is playing with confidence.

“I’m happy here with my colleagues, my friends, the coaches and the staff. I’m enjoying all of it, everything is good for me. Everyone at here has helped me in my short career and I feel like I’ve improved a lot since arriving when I was 18. I came at a young age and I’ve learned a lot, but I think I can still improve. This is a good moment for me and I want to keep it going.

“The boss and Carlos have been great with me. It is good to have Carlos here because he speaks my language. But Sir Alex always supports me, too. He has helped me more than I could ask him to. He is a great coach and I am at this club for him and because of him. He is a great man, and he has been good for my development.

“I always want to express myself on the pitch, Sir Alex gives me the opportunity and encouragement to do that. He says to me, ‘Cristiano, do what you do best – use your skills’. He gives me good confidence to create goals, either for myself or for the team, and that is a big part of my form this season.”