Rooney is just like Gazza – Venables

Venables said in his column in the Sun: “Seeing Wayne Rooney destroying Belarus the other night was just like watching Paul Gascoigne all over again.

“But there is one crucial difference between these working-class geniuses … Rooney can cope with all the hype and expectations created by his talent.

“I didn’t really get to know Wayne that well during my recent time as England coach but I always found him to be a polite, respectful young man.

“He’s not the sort of bloke who seeks the limelight.

“You’ll never see him courting publicity or willingly volunteering to talk to the media. Yet he’s relaxed and confident when he’s with his pals and can be the joker in that group.

“Gazza was very similar in many ways, but much more of an extrovert. He hogged the whole show … on and off the pitch.

“He wanted to make everyone laugh and be loved by everyone. Rooney is happy just being accepted by his colleagues.

“He has handled his fame very well and, though he is more than capable of expressing himself in the papers and on TV, that’s not what he’s about.”