Shilton hails Man Utd striker

Shilton believes Rooney will be key to winning the World Cup this summer.

He told The Daily Mirror: “I believe we have the ability to at least emulate what we did in 1990, maybe better.

“We have a lot of ability right the way through the team, even in goal, whereas sometimes it’s been inconsistent. We have a lot of ability in the back four and midfield, especially with the young lads coming through.

“We have possibly one of the players of the tournament in Rooney because of the way he has developed. I said it four years ago when everyone was slaughtering Rooney that he is our future, our little gem. He is an absolute genius.

“I said that four years ago when other people said he was a rough diamond who will never mature. He could play Rooney up front on his own with five in midfield and Steven Gerrard further forward. We definitely have the players.”