Silvestre: My future is at Man Utd

Silvestre said in Inside United: “Do I see my future here? Yes, as long as the manager wants me in his team. In the past I’ve been linked with a move away from United, but what I have said has often been taken out of context. Once I was asked whether I would return to play in France when my contract expires here. I said that, having played in France, Italy and England, if I were to move it would be to Spain. That was turned into something else.

“It’s normal for people to talk when a player is not playing. Wes Brown had the same thing recently, but we just have a laugh about it when we read the papers. I’m used to it. And if you’re not in the team or on the television doing an interview people somehow think you’re dead. Anyway, I’m not, and I’m looking forward to getting plenty more opportunities in this team, at left-back or centre-back – wherever the manager needs me.”