Sir Alex Ferguson gives Rooney encouragement

Rooney has yet to score at the World Cup despite a fantastic season for Manchester United however Sir Alex isn’t surprised at the lackluster performance of the England team.

“Sometimes the expectation can be debilitating,” Ferguson told the Sun.

“I had that feeling. I spoke to Wayne Rooney and just said, ‘relax and enjoy it.’

“I just sensed there was a tension in and around the camp from what I was hearing.

“I didn’t watch the Algeria game, I was out with friends, but I just get a feeling that the expectation is affecting the England team.”

“It’s been a disappointing World Cup, but I had a feeling it would be,” he said.

“I have been disappointed with the quality levels, I haven’t been impressed at all.

“The season we have in Europe, particularly in England, is tough.

“The players met up about 3-4 days after the season finished and they have been together for most of that time, after a long, hard season.

“It’s a real task to ask players to perform at the best level they can achieve after the season in England.”