Southgate expects player exits

Boro was relegated to the Championship following their defeat at West Ham on Sunday.

“Inevitably, there will be big changes to the playing squad,” he told BBC.

“There will be personal agendas and as a club we will have to bring some money in to go forward. There are also situations I want to change.”

“I have to accept there will be a large percentage of fans that would want a change of manager and this is a tough time for this football club but I am determined to see this fight through,” he said.

“As far as I’m concerned, you don’t walk away in difficult times.

“Nothing has been discussed with the chairman, we have to sit down this week and plan more definitely what is going to happen. It will be a tough challenge and we’ll have to improve.

“We’re ready to make those changes because it clearly hasn’t worked this year.”

“We might end up stronger for making sure we get our finances in order over the next few months. It might leave us in a healthier position to move forward,” he added.