Spurs skipper want Champions League action

The Spurs skipper said: “Obviously we’ve got Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal ahead of us – but after that we feel we’re in the next group of teams pushing to make it a top five or six.

“If you finish in the top four you deserve to be there. The Premiership is very tough; finishing in the top four is not easy, and there will be a lot of teams feeling they can do that. It’s definitely something we believe we can do – and we want to get there.

“On our day we believe we can beat anyone – and if the season goes well then we can finish in the top four, no doubt. We need to find that away from home if we want to finish in that top four.

“It’s something that all players want to do. We’ve seen the Champions League as the top level of club football – and, I hope, next season that’s our aim. We want to be in the Champions League.”