Stefanovic: I won’t leave Portsmouth

Stefanovic said: “At the end of the season I will have one year left on my contract. As soon as I’m not welcome, I’m off. I will move. If Harry decides I’m wanted here next season, I am here. He and Milan were the reasons I came here.

“I need to speak to him about what is happening. Maybe at the end of the season or maybe sooner. As soon as I feel I am not welcome I will find a solution. Who knows what will happen? First we need to get these crucial games out of the way. I want to do everything to help us into Europe.

“I’ve always said I will do the best for this club. I will want to have a meeting with Harry to see his plans. If he wants to keep me it’s fine. It will be my pleasure to stay. I just need to know what his opinion is and what he thinks will be best. That is what is most important.

“I’m honest. I’m in touch with Milan still. My first focus is to get Pompey into Europe. Then we will go from there.”