Sylvinho ready to stop Ronaldo

The Brazilian is set to face the World Player of the Year as Eric Abidal, Dani Alves and Rafael Marquez will be missing from the Barca defence.

“He’s an amazing player, like Lionel Messi,” said Sylvinho.

“He’s really difficult to defend against. He can do things other players can’t.

“But I have the speed of thought to look after him. His mind is quick – I think my mind is quick.

“When you are talking about these players who are not easy to defend, you have to be quick in the mind and the legs too because they are strong and fast.

“But if you tackle right, you can defend against these type of players – Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka.

“It’s not easy to defend one against one but tactically you can sort out this problem.”

“Experience counts,” added the former Arsenal man. “You also have to be fit because we’re talking about really quick players.

“Over a long career, you learn how to deal with things.”