Tevez to silence critics

Tevez said: “We have felt great support from everybody at the club, starting with the manager.

“We are desperate to succeed in the Premier League and I would love to win it with the club and repay all the trust and care everybody has been giving us from the minute we arrived.

“West Ham is like a big family and we would love to repay their confidence in us with success and by winning something.

“They told us this is a no-nonsense league with plenty of tough tackling and challenges. I’m sure we can cope with it, we just need time to adjust to its high tempo.

“When we met Alan Pardew, the decision to sign was simple. He made us both feel really wanted.

“We know there will be a lot of fuss around us but we see ourselves as team players, not individuals.

“That was another attraction for coming here. The manager explained there is a great team spirit at the club and we want to be a part of that.”