Torres: Man Utd wants me

There were a lot of rumors this summer that the 22-year-old skipper, was close on a deal with Manchester United.

Torres told Revista la Liga: “Well, there was interest (from United) and when there is interest it gets put to Atletico. They are the ones who have the last word and I don’t know anymore about it.

“I know other players have gone to Italy and England. But I told the club they were the ones who had to decide if they wanted to keep me or not.

“They showed confidence and trust in me at a time they could have made a lot of money. They could have built a more competitive side if they had sold me but they preferred to keep me and I thank them.

“After the World Cup lots of things were said about my future, about the possibility of me joining other teams. I think this is a way to show people what we have been saying for a long time, that I have never thought of leaving and that I am staying.”