Van der Meyde launch attack on Moyes

The 29-year-old claims Moyes tried to ‘destroy him’.

Van der Meyde has struggled with personal issues after his daughter, Dolce, was born with severe health issues in 2007 and was forced to stay at the hospital.

“Things are going well with her,” he is quoted as telling De Telegraaf.

“In the last two years, a number of clubs wanted to sign me, but we were not willing to take Dolce away from that hospital and her doctors.

“Everton did not understand that – they thought that I was just staying here for the money.

“Dolce was the reason that I wanted to stay, but that was not apparent to them.

“We can move Dolce now, so we have plenty of options, including the Netherlands.

“I am running on the treadmill every day and I’m fully fit – and, for once, I hope to stay fit for a while.

“Moyes is a worthless man who tried to destroy me, but he didn’t succeed. You cannot write me off.”

He added: “For the fans and players, I hope Everton win the FA Cup.

“Would I begrudge the coach winning it? I don’t want to say anything about that.

“Wayne Rooney also said something about him and he ended up facing a lawsuit.”