Weir defends Celtic winger

McGeady has been at the center of the diving controversy in Scotland and he received a second yellow card for his actions.

“I know Aiden McGeady as a player and I don’t think that’s his style of play,” the 39-year-old told Sky Sports News.

“Obviously he’s been punished for something. It’s a harsh punishment but I don’t think he’s that type of player.

“I’ve got certain sympathies with players, I think now players are so fast and so athletic and the changes of movement and sometimes things can look like dives which, in my opinion, aren’t necessarily dives.

“Lads can be anticipating contact and it can look worse that what it actually is so I don’t think we should go overboard and (start) policing every instance and referring incident otherwise it’d never end.

“I think there is case where it is a bit blatant but I think a lot of the instances as well are a result of factors that maybe are just part and parcel of the game today.”