Weir: Lescott can be Everton legend

Weir told the Liverpool Echo: “Joleon hasn’t put a foot wrong since he came to the club, either as a person or as a player.

“You get judged on what you do on the pitch and his performances have been absolutely top class.

“He has played at a left-back a lot of the season but never complained once. He’s just done his job and been absolutely outstanding.

“He then switches to centre-half and does exactly the same. You really can’t praise him highly enough.

“This is his first season in the Premiership and it is all new to him but if he continues the way he has been, he can become an Everton great.

“That’s what everyone wants him to become, as he’s got everything you want in a defender.

“He’s got the full package. It’s just a question of learning to play in the Premiership but he hasn’t made a mistake so far.

“He’s like Tim Cahill and has come up full of hunger. They are desperate to prove themselves.

“They want to show how good they are and I think they have done that. There is hunger and desire there and that is only going to benefit Everton in the long run.”