Werder Bremen ace Ozil: We can still win the title

Werder are currently nine points behind surprise Bundesliga leaders Hoffenheim.

Ozil told the club’s official website: “We have of course spent a lot of time pondering over the situation. It is of course clear that we intended to notch up more than one win from our last seven games.

“We need to continue working now – there is nothing else that we can do. The 5-1 win over Hertha BSC was definitely a good way to start.”

Ozil continued: “I have no problem with that. Something like that actually spurns me on. I still want to be playing among the top teams. It may sound a little crazy but we’re still not out of the race yet. The Bundesliga is so unpredictable this year that we can still make it.

“The teams at the top of the table now will be put under pressure by the teams in the midfield. That doesn’t just mean us, but also Stuttgart, who I rate a lot more highly than their position in the table would imply. We’ve already beaten Hoffenheim and Bayern too. We are also a lot better on the ball than Schalke.

“Their only advantage over us is the danger they pose from set plays. We still have what it takes to make a title bid but that means we cannot afford to unnecessarily drop further points.”